Tuffy vs Fusion Revisited

Back in March I wrote about my first experiences with Tuffy bead release compared to Fusion.
Since then I have exclusively been using Tuffy, I use it in presses and rollers with no issues.
At the weekend I went up to the Tuffnells studio as part of the GBUK AGM. Through the Friday and Saturday after the meeting we were playing on the torches, making beads. One thing I really wanted to do was try out a new larger lentil press. Teresa hunted the press out for me and I grabbed a mandrel ready to go.

Now because most people are used to fusion, the mandrels in the studio were all pre-prepped with fusion. The lentil I was trying out was also huge (45mm) on my first attempt the bead release broke, I was able to rescue it and make a smaller lentil though. Second attempt, the bead release broke again. I know I haven’t had a whole lot of time in my own studio over the past couple of months but I couldn’t have lost my touch for making beads just like that.
When a third attempt went into the water pot, there was only one thing left to try, I asked Teresa for some Tuffy. After mixing up a batch I had another go and first time a perfect lentil. I was rather happy with that, I loved the press and wasn’t going to accept it didn’t work for me.

Now I wouldn’t completely give up on fusion, I did use it for some other beads through the weekend with success but it really does go to show that it isn’t so much about the release as much as what you are used to. After all I did use fusion for a rather long time before Tuffy became available. The biggest thing I can take from this is that over time between the two there really isn’t a lot of difference in using them. If you have struggled with one the first few times, don’t give up on it and stash it away until it’s all dried up.

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