More Colouring Challenges

If you enjoyed the previous 10 challenges here are another 10 inspirational ways to fill the pages in your colouring books differently.

Don’t forget to attempt each challenge separately, even if some cross over. Of course there is nothing stopping you later combining different challenges to come up with something new and even more inventive.

Focal Points

This one is especially good for those daunting pages. Pick three or four areas that you like the best and with a black drawing pen add a square around them.
Colour the squares as normal then colour the rest of the page in grey or sepia.

Use Lines

Free hand or if you feel the need to use a ruler. Colour the entire picture using lines, you can hatch the lines or only have them go part way across a section to give the impression of shade.

Colour The Background

It’s something that tends to get left a lot of the time, though there are many creative ways you can colour a background, you aren’t restricted to using the same media as you used for the main image.

Go Neon

Grab some highlighters or neon pens and colour the whole picture in neon colours. It’s loud but it’s fun.

50 Shades

Well maybe not 50 and you aren’t restricted to grey but choose a colour (yellow, green, red, purple, whatever takes your fancy) and find all your pens and pencils of that colour. Use these to complete your picture.

Make Your Mark

Add to the image in some way some books promote this activity by offering suggestions of how you can add to a page, draw a few doodles, if you aren’t comfortable drawing try using rubber stamps. You could even use scrap booking items to stick in.

Three Colours

Choose three colours that either compliment or clash with each other and use them for the entire picture.

Go Outside The Lines

The one thing we are conditioned to try and do as children is stay in the lines while colouring, stop thinking like that and find a way to expand the colouring beyond the lines. Light applications of colour can give a halo effect to the image.

Do It Again

Pick something you did early on in your colouring adventures and attempt it again some months later. You will see the difference in your colouring style and how you have improved over time.

Make A Silhouette

Some pictures will lend themselves to this and some really won’t work so choose your image carefully but colour the entire image in flat black to turn it into a silhouette.

Colouring Challenges

Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration for your colouring pages. We can get stuck in a rut always choosing our favourite colours or working in a particular way.

So here’s a list of 10 challenges that you can try, do them all separately even though some may work for a few challenges.

I’ve written these because personally I can get rather uptight about my colouring books and before I get too far into any of them I really need to break the fussiness of each book must be done in a certain way.

I thought that I had to colour all my Johanna Basford books using my Inktense pencils, my Millie Marotta with the Stabilo pens and I had Zen Colouring for my Promarkers. I also really enjoy colouring with shading and blending, but forgot that flat colour can be just as enjoyable.

Is there anything you struggle to do when colouring?

Have fun and enjoy colouring for more than just that one way of doing things.

Use One Colour

This works best with coloured pencils as you can apply different amounts of pressure with the pencil to vary the tone. This will also help you refine the skills in other projects because you have to think more about the amount of pressure you are using.

No Green Leaves

We all do it, when we see leaves out come the green pencils. Break the monotony by choosing different colours for your leaves, if you find it hard to break realistic colours go for an autumnal colour pallet first then progress on to things like purples, links and blues.

Colour With Dots

This one will take a while and is probably best attempted with fineliners or something with a good point, but instead of just filling an area with solid colour fill it with lots of dots.

Use A Colour You Hate

Got a colour that you always avoid using, get it down on the paper as the main colour for that page.

Don’t Look

Obviously look at what you are colouring but don’t look at the pen or pencil you are choosing. If you have a really organised colour collection use a random number generator and count from the beginning of the box. This will break colour habits and can give you some really amazing results.

Tip: If you aren’t quite ready to attempt challenges in your favourite books use downloadable pages or get a colouring magazine like relax with art to try out challenges.

Split It Up

Draw a couple of straight lines on the page to break up the image, colour each section differently.


Red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo, violet. Use the colours of the rainbow, either in order or not, to complete your picture.

Mix Your Media

Using different media can highlight certain parts of the image break habits by working with mixed media in one image.

Back To Your Childhood

Colour with kids crayons, something just for fun if you really don’t feel like anything else.

Leave Some White

You don’t colour the whole picture, choose areas to leave as white use the paper as a point to fade out to rather than an actual colour. In some colouring pages just the line art as the background can look fantastic or try it with something from the foreground.