Papercut Template Designers

When I started papercutting I found a lot of the lists didn’t differentiate between personal and commercial use and I often saw people asking specifically for commercial use or just personal use. I found that a lot of shops did order their store categories by personal and commercial use when the sold separate licences, a few had them mixed in, some only dealt with one licence type.
So I started clicking links and compiling a list, it is by no means definitive but it should serve as a good guide.

If you are a designer and want to be added or you notice a broken link/closed shop then feel free to contact me to help keep this list updated.

Rules Lampworkers Live By

Lampworkers Rules

  • No matter how much glass you have it’s never enough
  • Beady hugs are best
  • If you lick it, it’s yours
  • Thou shalt not show receipts to your spouse
  • Pray to the kiln fairies
  • The longer you spend on it the more likely it is to break
  • Warning flying glass

These are the rules in my Typographical paper cut design. The design also has flames, a heart and a dragon.

wpid-wp-1422370251535.jpegI’m currently working on a version for the Flame Off Charity auction. I went out the other day and bought a beautiful light blue glitter card backing for it and have just started on the cut itself on white hammered paper.

This is the start of it, hopefully it will all be finished and mounted in the next few days. Then I will add the finished cut to the portfolio.