90GSM Centura Pearl – Paper Story

This paper is very high on my list of paper I like to use and has been since I first began using it only a few weeks into my papercutting adventures.

Centura Pearl is a beautiful pearlescent finish paper that is single sided. If you want a single sided black paper this is the one I would point you to.

There are 10 colours available from light baby pink, blue and purple, lovely teals through to chocolate, deep purple and black.


The paper is single sided so no need to be too heavy on the ink. Very little will show through on the darker colours if you are but if you are using a lighter colour you will need to make sure the print is lighter.


On the lighter colours I wouldn’t recommend a really soft pencil as it might show through but the white side on the back is fine for drawing with most pencils. Though I would be wary of pressing too hard with a hard pencil as you could indent the paper.


This paper is beautiful to cut. For a light weight paper it holds it’s structure really well and is great for lots of detail cutting, it handles curves wonderfully. Don’t be put of by the low GSM even if you are used to heavier weight papers.


Blades usage is normal, it’s a light weight paper so it’s expected to not be too heavy on the blades.


£1.50 for 10 sheets so works out as 15p/sheet.


One concern about single sided paper is the white from the back showing through once you turn the cut over, which is especially devastating with black paper. I have never had this happen. The finish is amazing and you can tell you are looking at a paper cut and not a print.

Top paper and highly recommended.

You can buy this paper here