Safe Disposal of Blades

I really can’t stress enough that when you are done with your blades they must be disposed of safely, in most places blades are destroyed by incineration as this is the safest way to ensure they don’t damage anyone or anything in the environment.

Safe Disposal

Mostly the type of blades used are surgical so logically you should dispose of them just like any other surgical type of equipment. Here in the UK we have Sharps Boxes which are available from doctors or pharmacies at a very low cost. (The smallest box would last you years.) Once full the box is designed to be impossible to open once sealed.
When ready for disposal the box should be labelled as craft blades – non medical waste so it is known that your box does not contain any sort of contamination. Then usually it can be returned to your doctor or pharmacy and they will ensure it is disposed of correctly.

However in some areas they state they cannot take the box (and will not allow you to have one) unless it is for medical waste only so please be clear when you request one.

Some councils will allow you to seal your blades in a container that can not be broken label it as craft blades and be collected with your normal domestic waste, if you are a business this will go with your business waste and not household.

Please always check with your local council or environmental agency how you should be disposing of your blades. If neither the pharmacy, your doctor or the council will take your used blades contact a waste contractor, they will charge you a fee but it is imperative that blades are disposed of correctly.

Be Safe at Home

Whatever method you need to use when it comes to disposal you also need to make sure all these used blades don’t end up all over your house. They may not be any good for paper cutting but they are still very sharp.

As a sharps box cannot be closed properly without permanently sealing it, it is possible for it to be knocked over and blades can spill. Make sure you keep it in a safe place where it is unlikely to be at risk of being knocked, either from children, pets or clumsy spouses.

Money tins that require a tin opener to access are also a favourite as the blades cannot “escape.” Jars can be used but aren’t ideal as glass can be broken if dropped or especially when placed in with domestic waste if you have that option.

It is best to assess the personal risk in your home, if you are the only one in the house there is far less chance of any problems arising from how you store your used blades, for those of you with children remember that some places that may seem inaccessible actually are when you have a toddler with enough determination.  For really inquisitive children perhaps a lockable unit (key not a child lock) or tool box is the best option.

However you store your used blades it may be best to test the method before filling it with blades.

Be safe and enjoy your craft.

First Experience: Papercutting

Paper Cutting is a craft that I have been looking at trying for a while, I stumbled across this blog post from SLS Creative. A free paper cut template that looked simple enough to tear me away from the “nah, to fiddly” thoughts.

paper and scalpelSo What do you need to do a papercut?

  • Scalpel (I opted for an x-cut swivel knife)
  • Cutting Mat
  • Paper

I printed the design out on 200gsm white card, standard copier paper was far to thin. It didn’t take too long for me to finish the design and while yes there are mistakes, (it was my first cut after all) I was very happy with the results.
As a craft its either really relaxing or wants to make you curse.

first cutThings I learnt

  • The parts you cut away don’t have to be perfect, you are allowed to chop them up if you need to.
  • Don’t press too hard, it hurts your wrists (and the blade gets stuck in the cutting mat)
  • 200gsm is probably a bit thick.
  • The blade needs changing sooner than you think.

I have since bought some watercolour paper and I changed the blade to start a new cut and now it’s all a bit easier and very enjoyable.

Have you tried paper cutting or do you want to?