Revisiting Relax with Art

Back when the first issue was released I gave my thoughts on this colouring magazine from Bromleigh House. Since then 6 issues have been released as well as 3 Holiday Specials and 2 pocket editions. With a few end of year specials currently being released.

Relax with Art MagazineNow that it has been going a while the main monthly magazine makes for a great budget way to get into the world of colouring. At just £2.99 per issue the publication is a little under A4, 24 pages with a good selection of images, including patterns, objects and nature, printed single sided. The paper has a slight tooth to it so pens will soak in more than on other papers and the colour can be slightly saturated, but not enough to make a huge difference and they are great for pencils. I have a couple of issues I tend to pick these ones up when I see one with images in that I really want to colour.

The holiday specials are a little different, £5.99 and based on a theme, I didn’t plump for this one personally as the first issue was an animals one and I already had animal kingdom and another animal based book on it’s way. (plus they aren’t particularly one of my favourite colouring subjects.) Again though the publisher has wisely opted for single sided printing but this time on smoother paper. While I don’t have any of these particular issues the paper is comparable to their pocket editions.

relaxpocketI had to have one of the pocket editions, priced at £3.99 and similar in image selection to the main issue the selling point on these is the fact they are only A5 in size, making theme great for carrying around and colouring on the go. The smooth paper makes it suitable for most media, I’ve mostly used coloured pencils though as they are a bit easier to transport, though I’m considering a set of sharpies for travel colouring just to go with this magazine.

The end of year special issues are The Yearbook, Calender and 2016 Diary due for release over the coming weeks.

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