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Relax with Art MagazineWhen I saw this one appear in the shops I grabbed a copy as colouring magazines have been selling out as quickly as they are coming in the shops. Relax with Art is published by Bromleigh House (who publish puzzle magazines) though there is next to no information on it around the internet. I did manage to find through newsstand that it is a monthly magazine and it has a cover price of £2.99.

There are 24 pages in the publication, more than enough for the month and the artwork is a mixture of designs so you aren’t tied to a theme. The magazine is stapled too so it opens up really easily and it is all single side printing. The inside cover has an intro, though to be honest reading it, it didn’t seem that well written. But it didn’t really matter as it is a colouring book after all.

Onto Colouring

colouring page relax with artI decided to give my Stabilo Pen 68’s a test in this one using a new type of pen I first thought that the pens were a bit dry but then I noticed that the paper is textured. The paper started to crinkle slightly with the colour. To satisfy my curiosity on the paper I did one part of the picture with my promarkers as I knew what I could expect from them. They spread on the paper quite quickly. As I wasn’t blending on this page it was completed quite quickly.

All the pens bled through to the other side but the thickness of the paper did prevent any colour from going through to the spare sheet under the page.

relax with art coloured pageYou can see some of the streaks in the colouring, I did test other papers and got a smoother finish from the pens. The pink is promarker and while the colour is smooth (due to it keeping the colour wet for a fair while) the spread makes it difficult to colour especially finer detail, which this book has a fair bit of, even with a fine point attachment.

While you could say that the promakers staying wet for so long would be an advantage to blending I wouldn’t like to know how much that would crinkle the paper when a basic water based pen did. Layering on the colour needed for a blend would probably get quite messy.


This is a book for pencils, possibly gel pens, while I love the art work it’s a little disappointing the paper lets this down and that pens (my preferred media) don’t look that great in it. The lack of information suggests this publication was rushed to print to get into the market quickly. I’ll be continuing the rest of the issue with pencils though and I will take a look at issue two when it is released to see if anything has been re-evaluated by the publisher.

Edit – 14/05/15 Today I went back to this magazine as there was a design I really liked. Instead of just getting out the pencils I tried my Stabilo pens again as they were out from the previous page I had just finished in another magazine.

I was surprised that it was a lot easier to colour this time round, there was less ink spread and I didn’t get that far before I had unclipped it from my drawing board and then spent quite a while looking at the page I had just started compared to the one I did the other day, it seemed the paper was different.

What I concluded after some inspection (honestly if anyone was watching me through the window today they must have thought I was a little strange stroking the paper on all the pages, holding it to the light and giving it a really good look over.) was just the one sheet, that happened to be the first and last images and the two I chose to try to colour first, had been printed on the “wrong” side.

So now I’m off to finish this new page with my beloved pens. Happy that everything should be fine now.

Issue two is due for release 28th May.

Edit – 29/05/15 Relax with Art now have a facebook page and a website where you can subscribe.
You can order relax with art through Unique Magazines either by subscribing or buying single issues.

How have you found colouring this magazine, any success stories or issues with pens to share?

20 thoughts on “Relax with Art”

  1. Hayley White says:

    Loving your blog posts On grownup colouring, had never thought to get my own grownup colouring books & pens, have always ahem ‘borrowed’ my nieces but now I think I shall have to look out for these grownup colouring books & order some special pens

    • Scarlet says:

      You certainly should get your own 🙂 (Though I do have a littlest pet shop one and am hunting for a good my little pony one too.) The “target” age doesn’t really matter if that is what you enjoy.

      Special pens aren’t required keep an eye out for my guides on the stabilo pens coming up soon. I just got some more in the post today. Great pens and look much nicer now I’m using them on better paper. The example page from this one wasn’t the best playground to test them out on.

      • Hayley White says:

        I find the ones aimed at children have lovely pics of fairy so etc, My Little Pony sounds good, don’t no anything about specialist grownup pens, but knowing you & Jo enjoy using them I shall have to pick your brains for the best to get for a first timer

        • Scarlet says:

          Don’t go too mad to start with. Some people still rate crayola pens (just having a set of your own rather than sharing with the kids makes them better.) I am really pleased with the Stabilo 68’s but they will bleed through thin or poor quality paper.

  2. zena says:

    Just a thought how about photocopying it on to the type of paper you prefer {i like to keep the original silly but hay ho}

    • Scarlet says:

      Practically all the magazines don’t give permission to reproduce without prior consent even for personal use. (not that I could anyway.)

      Though I do prefer to colour in the book, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to see a completed page in a book.

  3. Wendy Hayden says:

    Hi. Loving the look of this book but could you tell me where you found it. I’ve looked and can’t see it anywhere. Thanks

    • Scarlet says:

      Hi Wendy. I bought it in WH Smiths and saw it in sainsbury’s the other day too (sainsbury’s had it with free pencils) though I haven’t seen it anywhere else either.

      With issue 2 due out in a week it’s possible it could just be out of stock in your area.

  4. Alison Turner says:

    Just brought book 2 today and I love it. Can you use alcohol markers when colouring the images?

    • Scarlet says:

      Yes I have used them in it a bit more now, make sure you add a sheet of card under the page you are colouring though to stop it bleeding onto the page below.

  5. gail says:

    I love this book and have issues 1 and 3. Does anyone have any idea how I can get issue 2. Don’t know how I missed it.

    • Scarlet says:

      I think the best way to get hold of them is through their facebook page and they should be able to tell you if it’s possible to get a back order. I only just remembered to get issue 2 before issue 3 jumped on the shelves.

      • gail says:

        Hi scarlet I got my copy of issue 2 by phoning this number 0845 303 6750. I asked if they could send me a copy and it came the next day. Hope this helps anyone else who misses a copy in the future.

        • Scarlet says:

          Brilliant, glad you got a copy.
          Issue 4 is due in soon and I saw a new holiday special in WHSmiths today. I’m waiting for the pocket edition to get on the shelves as I would like to have a smaller carry round book. (lord knows what pens I can class as carry round though to go with it.)

          • gail says:

            Wilkinsons do a pack of 10 coloured gunslinger pens. They come in a clear slide close pouch. Good quality for £2.00.

          • gail says:

            It’s fine liner pens not gunslinger. Sorry for the mistake. Predictive text !!

  6. MARIE MURRAY says:


  7. Marinda says:

    Good day to you, I got my 2017 Relax with Art Calendar… Gorgeous! There is one little problem though. On the month of May page, there is no 22nd and 23rd, the fourth week says 24, 25, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28. Just thought I’d share this with you.

    • Scarlet says:

      Oh no Marinda, that’s a bit of a mistake.

      You might want to mention it directly to the company that produce the publication so they can resolve the little hiccup. I’m afraid I’m not affiliated with Relax with Art in any way. Just a blogger 🙂

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