Oh yes it was

wpid-wp-1422803704235.jpegA fabulous time. For those of you that didn’t know I’ve been in panto last weekend, after 3 months of rehearsals (that have occasionally left our director tearing her hair out) we pulled off 3 performances over 2 days.

The show was Dick Turnip, the opening number, a modified version of the two Ronnies song Bold Sir John.

I was cast as Rosie, a village maiden bought by a mysterious stranger at a hiring fair, saving me from a miserable life working as a servant for the evil Baron Fields (Boo! Hiss!)

Of course the stranger turned out to be the highwayman Dick Turnip who then set me up to rescue two children (one played by my son) that had been taken by the Baron and his wife away from their mother to serve in the kitchens.

My lad really did surprise me though, at only 8 he delivered his lines really well, he did get some of the best jokes, and did a guitar solo during one of the songs (Jailhouse Rock, during practice when it got to the instrumental and we were told to fill the stage and dance he took centre stage for a bit of air guitar, later we added a guitar prop to calm him down a little.)

Of course we got our happy ending and the Baron and his wife were forced to make good, and I became Mrs Turnip.

It is a little sad that it is now over for another year but this weekend I will be joining the cast for a meal and the reveal of next years show title.

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