First Experience – Quilling

Quilling is something I really wasn’t going to try. A lot of my friends were having a go and the other weekend when I met up with a few of the paper cutters from totally templates and there was a bit of a demo/have a go going on.

I watched out of curiosity (as you do) and I got roped into sitting down so I ended up having a go.

Ann-Marie of Purple Unicorn Crafts was doing the demo, teaching tight coils and loose coils and a few other basic bits and pieces then Carla or Cut by Hand popped over and showed us a few other bits like using a crimping tool and honeycombing as well as telling us why she cuts her own strips of paper for quilling.

What You Need

There are also other bits of kit like a board for making shapes, needle tools, moulds, combs and crimpers but a lot can be done with just the slotted tool.

first attempts at paper quillingApparently I did all right with my first attempts, it really is quite easy you roll the paper around the quilling tool and glue the end down. you can shape these little rolls of paper too. Other things like the honey comb are done by rolling a single strip of paper a little, moving the tool and rolling again.

You can also form shapes with special quilling boards with shapes in them or by using pins.

As far as costs go it’s a pretty cheap hobby to pick up.

What I learnt

  • That simple things can produce beautiful results
  • Easy to learn the basics
  • It can be done anywhere

If you would like to get involved in quilling Ann-Marie does sell all the goodies over at Purple Unicorn Crafts and Carla teamed up with Paper Panda to make a quilling kit, while that has limited availability there is a set of downloadable instructions though that will tell you what you need to know.

Have you tried quilling? Would you like to?



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