Colouring with Stabilo’s – Flat Colour

Stabilo pen 68 and 88 are a great mid range set of pens. The 68’s are described as a colour-intensive, premium fibre-tip pen there are 40 colours and 6 fluorescents, giving a great range of colour. The 88’s are a 0.4mm fineliner and boasts a range of 25 colours plus 5 fluorescents. The colours match up to so if you have the same colour in both pens they are the same colour on the paper making them brilliant for when you need to get into fine detail areas as well as larger area coverage.

Onto Colouring

wpid-wp-1431694616220.jpegGoing over the same area multiple will cause over saturation of the paper. I keep my way of working to sections but I use light stroke lines rather than circular colouring to prevent saturating the paper.

I have chosen 4 colours for the piece;

  • Light green 68/33 or 88/33
  • Green 68/36 or 88/36
  • Orange 68/54 or 88/54
  • Lilac 68/58 or 88/58

As there are no really small detail in this image I haven’t used the pen 88 fineliners and just worked with the fibre tip pen 68.

Fast downward strokes fill in the grass with green.

The centre of the flower is filled with orange simply by following the line of the circle then using smaller circles towards the centre.

The stem and leaf are filled with light green by going down the full length of the stem then the edge of the leaf before using lines to fill the remaining area inside the leaf I follow the shape of the leaf as I do the fill lines.

Finally each of the petals are coloured using the same method as for the leaf.

wpid-wp-1431694651568.jpegI don’t get bleed with these pens following this method though you will sometimes see a ghost of the image on the reverse side of the paper, while it is visible it isn’t invasive, in a double sided print book once the opposite side was coloured it wouldn’t be noticeable at all.
However if you go over the same area to much and saturate the paper there will be bleed through, you can avoid this by allowing the ink already on the paper to fully dry before adding more (like when you notice a small area that didn’t get colour.)

There is more ink flowing to the paper from the pen 68’s the pen 88’s are less likely to show through but this depends on the area you are colouring as if you choose to do a larger area with the fineliner nib you risk overlapping colour more.

The good news is other than bleed through overlapping colour while wet or dry doesn’t result in variation of colour. This is great for really large areas as you can stop and resume colouring later without having to worry about the ink drying.

Using a textured paper with these pens can result in patchy colouring and of course absorbent papers will certainly end up bleeding through. As always make sure you select a decent quality paper. This piece was coloured on 135gsm smooth sketch book paper and works well with these pens.

2 thoughts on “Colouring with Stabilo’s – Flat Colour”

  1. Val Stanley says:

    Have been given, the feline colouring adventure for adults ,as a gift, love it ,now looking for something different, do you do a book on India there patterns??, would be interested.
    You don’t give out much of an idea of what you actually do have.

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