Traditional Art

Revisiting Relax with Art

Scarlet | 27th October 2015

Back when the first issue was released I gave my thoughts on this colouring magazine from Bromleigh House. Since then 6 issues have been released as well as 3 Holiday Specials and 2 pocket editions. With a few end of…..

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Choosing the right media for your colouring books

Scarlet | 20th October 2015

One question you see a lot and it takes many forms. Can I use markers in this book? I’m looking at these pens, do they bleed? Firstly let me clarify there’s bleed and then there’s just show through, bleed is…..

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More Colouring Challenges

Scarlet | 2nd September 2015

If you enjoyed the previous 10 challenges here are another 10 inspirational ways to fill the pages in your colouring books differently. Don’t forget to attempt each challenge separately, even if some cross over. Of course there is nothing stopping you…..

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Colouring Challenges

Scarlet | 5th August 2015

Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration for your colouring pages. We can get stuck in a rut always choosing our favourite colours or working in a particular way. So here’s a list of 10 challenges that you can try, do…..

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Colouring Therapy Art Book

Scarlet | 3rd July 2015

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Creative Colour

Scarlet | 28th June 2015

A colouring magazine from I didn’t get this one when it first came out but I did snap it up before the release of issue 2 at the end of May. Now we are at the end of June…..

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A Chat with Sarah Bigwood

Scarlet | 18th June 2015

If you were ever struggling to get motivated then this lady is the one that will show you what can happen. But she did it, the book was released 4th June 2015 and she was asked to do another book……

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cover image for post on the book relaxing patterns and mandala designs from the publisher lilt kids

Relaxing Patterns and Mandala Designs

Scarlet | 16th June 2015

I was sent this book from Lilt Kids to review. All I had seen was the cover and I eagerly awaited the delivery coming over from America. Lilt kids are an independent publisher, something that I thought was good to…..

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Personalising Enchanted Forest

Scarlet | 4th June 2015

The other day I bought a copy of Enchanted Forest. After the title page there is a this book belongs to… page So, write your name in, it can’t be that hard. Oh but it is, I wanted it to…..

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Colouring with Stabilo’s – Flat Colour

Scarlet | 22nd May 2015

Stabilo pen 68 and 88 are a great mid range set of pens. The 68’s are described as a colour-intensive, premium fibre-tip pen there are 40 colours and 6 fluorescents, giving a great range of colour. The 88’s are a…..

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