160GSM Ivory Linen – Paper Story

Scarlet | 30th April 2015

When I first started cutting I used 160gsm paper, I thought that it would be easier. The last time I tried to cut Rosie on 160 I gave up because it had become hard work to get through the thickness…..

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110GSM White – Paper Story

Scarlet | 24th April 2015

Another from Paper Story. I normally cut on 100gsm so this is the closest to what I am used to. The paper is flat with a pearlescent sheen to it and is also available in ivory. Printing When printing very…..

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120GSM Bersan – Paper Story

Scarlet | 21st April 2015

This paper feels lovely, Available in White or Cream. Paper Story teamed up with PayperBox to offer this paper and it’s worth noting that the Bersan is a range of charitable products which Payper Box donate 5% of their sales to…..

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How to: Typography for Templates Part Two

Scarlet | 8th April 2015

Last time we wrote a beautiful word just by transforming our own handwriting but it needed a little more work to make it into a cut-able piece of typography. I’ve redrawn the text to make it slightly larger than how…..

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Safe Disposal of Blades

Scarlet | 3rd April 2015

I really can’t stress enough that when you are done with your blades they must be disposed of safely, in most places blades are destroyed by incineration as this is the safest way to ensure they don’t damage anyone or…..

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130GSM Pearlescent – Paper Story

Scarlet | 31st March 2015

This paper is from paper story. Mid-weight for paper cutting so ideal for beginners  This paper is double sided (other than the latte, which is single sided) and comes in all sorts of gorgeous colours, The golds and silvers are…..

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How to: Typography for Templates

Scarlet | 17th March 2015

If it’s just a sentence or a single word then the typography in my paper cuts is usually done by hand.  I’m not the most artistic person ever when it comes to using a pencil but I have learnt a…..

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Papercut Template Designers

Scarlet | 18th February 2015

When I started papercutting I found a lot of the lists didn’t differentiate between personal and commercial use and I often saw people asking specifically for commercial use or just personal use. I found that a lot of shops did…..

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Hobbycraft Make of the Month

Scarlet | 3rd December 2014

Hobbycraft do a make of the month challenge on their blog, I decided to enter the November one with my Stag in the Woods papercut. There isn’t any particular theme, it’s just a collection of crafters from a variety of…..

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First Experience: Papercutting

Scarlet | 13th July 2014

Paper Cutting is a craft that I have been looking at trying for a while, I stumbled across this blog post from SLS Creative. A free paper cut template that looked simple enough to tear me away from the “nah, to…..

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