Flame Off

Scarlet | 17th April 2015

Organised by Totally Beads and Tuffnells Glass, Flame Off is the highlight of the lampwork lovers UK calender. The Location Hosted at Uttoexter Racecourse, well situated in the heart of England and easy to get to by car or public…..

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two lampwork lentil beads

Bead Swap Beads

Scarlet | 14th April 2015

One of my favourite things from flame off is the bead swap. I love seeing what surprises come out of the magic bag. Each day you put one bead labelled with your name in the bag and you get a…..

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Lampwork Termanology

Scarlet | 10th February 2015

Annealing: The most important part of the process after making the beads. Glass is very susceptible to thermal shock and needs to be cooled slowly to remove any stress in the glass that may cause it to break. Annealing is done…..

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Tuffy vs Fusion Revisited

Scarlet | 15th September 2014

Back in March I wrote about my first experiences with Tuffy bead release compared to Fusion. Since then I have exclusively been using Tuffy, I use it in presses and rollers with no issues. At the weekend I went up…..

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Different Types of Glass

Scarlet | 17th May 2014

Let me introduce you to some of the different types of glass and their manufactures that are commonly used in lampworking; Borosilicate (33coe) – Borosilicate is a ‘hard glass’ it is also known as Pyrex, it has a high melting…..

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First Experience: Borosilicate Glass

Scarlet | 28th April 2014

Fully armed with a selection of glass and a host of notes, my first studio session with borosilicate was an interesting one. Truthfully I was expecting something a world away from what I was used to….. One thing about my…..

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Making the Garden Series

Scarlet | 18th April 2014

One of my favourite beads to make. This video shows some of the different aspects that go into making one of my garden series beads.

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Tuffy vs Fusion

Scarlet | 9th March 2014

Other than Guinness there aren’t many things that I have seen Martin Tuffnell excited about, but when he found a bead release that was Crystalline silica free (nasty stuff) and could be shipped in powdered form, you could see the…..

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First Experience: Lampwork

Scarlet | 20th February 2014

My first taste of lampwork was certainly interesting. I wanted to be able to make beads and I got talking to a few US lampwork artists after a disaster in trying to use polymer clay. I met Martin Tuffnell at…..

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What it costs to make a bead

Scarlet | 18th January 2014

Let’s talk about lampwork beads and their cost. All of my beads are handmade, same with my findings for jewellery making, but that’s another story. Lets use this bead as an example, a decorated focal bead. Before I make this…..

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