Memorial Glass

Scarlet | 1st October 2017

Whoever your loved one was, they meant the world to you. It is always hard to lose them but often it is comforting to be able to continue to keep them close. I can help by carefully blending cremation ashes…..

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Colouring with Promarkers – Blending 1

Scarlet | 10th July 2015

Mostly I colour light to dark with promarkers, early in my colouring journey I used the dark to light method because I didn’t “get” to keep the inks wet when I first tried light to dark, this lead to patchier…..

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A Chat with Sarah Bigwood

Scarlet | 18th June 2015

If you were ever struggling to get motivated then this lady is the one that will show you what can happen. But she did it, the book was released 4th June 2015 and she was asked to do another book……

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cover image for post on the book relaxing patterns and mandala designs from the publisher lilt kids

Relaxing Patterns and Mandala Designs

Scarlet | 16th June 2015

I was sent this book from Lilt Kids to review. All I had seen was the cover and I eagerly awaited the delivery coming over from America. Lilt kids are an independent publisher, something that I thought was good to…..

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Colouring with Stabilo’s – Shading

Scarlet | 7th June 2015

Once you are ready to embark on shading the Stabilo 68’s and 88’s are probably one of the simplest to learn with, there is no blending with these so don’t expect smooth transitions every time, some colours do work better…..

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A Trip to the Pencil Museum

Scarlet | 2nd June 2015

I’ve been a bit quiet as we took a trip up to the lake district last week for the half term holidays. But I won’t bore you with all the other details of our holiday but on Thursday afternoon we…..

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My Love Affair with Boro

Scarlet | 16th February 2015

It was pretty much a year ago that I was saying I would never touch the stuff, anything is possible in soft glass, I don’t need boro. I had to rethink that statement a few months later when a project…..

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Scarlet | 3rd February 2015

Oh yes it was A fabulous time. For those of you that didn’t know I’ve been in panto last weekend, after 3 months of rehearsals (that have occasionally left our director tearing her hair out) we pulled off 3 performances…..

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New ventilation

Scarlet | 25th January 2015

A little project for this week, need to attach this to the studio wall and hook it up to the out pipe and hood. Just got to figure out how on earth I am going to drill holes right up…..

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Hobbycraft Make of the Month

Scarlet | 3rd December 2014

Hobbycraft do a make of the month challenge on their blog, I decided to enter the November one with my Stag in the Woods papercut. There isn’t any particular theme, it’s just a collection of crafters from a variety of…..

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