Memorial Paws

Losing a family pet is heartbreaking but when the ashes arrive from the Vets, most of us are at a loss at what to do with them, why not consider a Memorial Paw? I lovingly encase the ashes within a…..

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Newark Comic Con 2

Scarlet | 8th August 2017

With Thanks to cosplayer’s Sentinel Squad, WolverSteve, Sons of Ecto UK and Emma Cross (no page yet)

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firt time electroforming blog cover

First Experience: Electroforming

Scarlet | 30th April 2016

Electroforming is one of those things I have wanted to have a play with since I first saw it in action at Di East’s studio. The extra depth and texture that electroforming adds to the glass is captivating. However, every time…..

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lampworking kiln schedules

Kiln Schedules

Scarlet | 24th February 2016

Below are my kiln schedules and their uses for both soft and borosilicate glass. I use a Paragon SC2 with a sentry 2.0 controller and are provided as a rough guide to a starter annealing schedule. The 104COE schedule is…..

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Printer Paper

Scarlet | 20th February 2016

The paper we all have lying around, you can buy reams of 500 for anywhere between £2-£6 and it’s one of the most common questions in paper cutting, Can I cut printer/copier paper? Printing Since the paper is designed to…..

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Back behind the torch plus colouring

Scarlet | 12th February 2016

The new year bought a few new things with it for me, one being a change in daily schedules which gave me more time to get back behind my beloved midrange plus and melt some glass. In other news, I’ve…..

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title page for the poppy read blend

Promarkers: Colour Blends – Red

Scarlet | 16th January 2016

There are many combinations for reds, as one of the primary colours it means there are plenty of options in the pallet. I developed this blend for poppies as they feature quite heavily in many adult colouring pictures. Works well…..

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Glass vs Self Heal

Scarlet | 13th January 2016

What should you be using as a mat for your paper cut art? Like many paper cutters I started on a self heal mat. I used the one my husband had on his desk, many of the starter kits come…..

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Converting a Tysslinge Frame

Scarlet | 3rd November 2015


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Revisiting Relax with Art

Scarlet | 27th October 2015

Back when the first issue was released I gave my thoughts on this colouring magazine from Bromleigh House. Since then 6 issues have been released as well as 3 Holiday Specials and 2 pocket editions. With a few end of…..

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Choosing the right media for your colouring books

Scarlet | 20th October 2015

One question you see a lot and it takes many forms. Can I use markers in this book? I’m looking at these pens, do they bleed? Firstly let me clarify there’s bleed and then there’s just show through, bleed is…..

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