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Memorial Glass

Whoever your loved one was, they meant the world to you. It is always hard to lose them but often it is comforting to be able to continue to keep them close.

I can help by carefully blending cremation ashes with glass.

While it is a delicate and intimate process the end result is a beautiful capture of the person or pet’s essence, these are entirely bespoke and no two will ever be the same.

I understand that you may have a lot of questions, please feel free to contact me if you have anything you want to ask about what will happen to that little part of your loved one if you do send them to be forever remembered in glass.

Each cremation piece is created separately from any other memorial orders, the tools used in each piece are fully cleaned between orders to prevent any cross contamination.
Over all my years experience with glass I have developed my own techniques for blending ashes with glass to create a subtle line of cremains that compliments my style


How much ash do you need?
I ask for around a teaspoon’s worth, the postal pack you will receive has one of the bags marked to the level.
I’m ordering two pieces, do I need to send you double the ash?
No, there is plenty for a few pieces, if your order will require more ash you will be informed though.
So does this mean there are ashes left over, what happens to them?
Yes there will be ashes that aren’t used in the process, these will be returned to you with your order.
Can you do them with fur or hair
Yes, although the resulting effect is different to how it looks with cremation ashes

Newark Comic Con 2

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