160gsm Hammered – Paper Panda

This is THE Panda paper the one Louise herself uses so it was one that had to be tried right?

This is one of the few hammered papers that comes in different colours and there are 48 colours available. I got my hands on the 20 sheet multicolour mix. The texture is quite even I’m still not 100% sure I printed on the right side. I prefer the look of the side I printed on but the texture is clearly on the side I left as the front.


paper panda 160gsm hammeredSilly easy on the lighter colours it’s thick so no problems with the ink showing through but caution on the darker colours because it is double sided so it isn’t going to be easy to see print on the black.


Very easy to draw on, take your preferred pencil and draw away, a softer pencil for the darker colours would be more visible.


Yes it is harder going but arguably it does slow you down so you don’t run away with yourself when cutting. I found curves difficult to get first time but the paper allowed for corrections to be made. So long as you have gone through the paper the cuts are very clean.


You will go through blades faster, it’s heavier paper but it isn’t beyond the realms of what you would expect and I did get a fair bit done with one blade.


It’s not cheap at £3.30 for 5 sheets, but if this is the paper for you 66p per sheet isn’t completely outrageous.


I can see why panda uses it, when doing smaller pieces the rigidity does help and you can fit numerous smaller cuts on one sheet which will even out the costs. It does take some getting used to though. For those that have the starter kits it’s pretty much all you will know and it probably helps with the learning curve.

You can buy this paper here or here for larger packs of the white and cream

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