Scarlet is a married mother of two living in rural Lincolnshire.
She is primarily a lampworker however different situations have arose in her lampwork journey bringing her to other crafts such as beadweaving, papercutting and general art.

Most of her time is now spent as mummy/housewife. With the youngest in nursery one day a week she is able to dedicate that day to studio time and her spare time used carefully in pursuit of her crafts.


Member of GBUK
Glass Beadmakers UK is a society for lampworkers, they produce a yearly journal full of tutorials, articles and a bit of inspirational eye candy that is the members gallery. As well as hosting a main competition every April and mini challenges throughout the year that are published in they monthly e-zine.
Their website also has resources for members on different aspects of lampwork and running a lampwork business.
Member of The Beadworkers Guild
The beadworkers guild offers plenty of resources to it’s membership and produces a quarterly magazine.
Member of Bassingham Barmy Beaders – Local Group
Meeting on the second Saturday of every month the Barmy beaders get together to work on their projects, help each other out and have a natter. The group also runs workshops with tutors so everyone can learn new skills.


Scarlet has always enjoyed crafts she made knotted thread bracelets from age 8 and sold them for pocket money, which was also her first taste of being able to work to earn the money she wanted to buy things (usually more craft supplies)

Later in life Scarlet discovered beads and began making strung jewellery, progressing onto wire work. Though it soon became not quite enough and she began lampworking in 2009, so she could make beads to go in her own designs. This lead on to learning to bead weave in 2012.

Scarlet gave up being a full time lampworker in 2013 after the birth of her daughter, but wasn’t able to let her craft background go.

Upon hearing it mentioned that beads were only for jewellery a few to many times, by this point Scarlet had found them to be a lot more precious and had amassed quite a collection purely for looking at (or stroking.) She began looking at the idea of framing beads for what they were, little works of art. However she found they never really looked right on their own and finding the perfect backing paper was more of a chore than it should have been. To counteract this Scarlet began papercutting so each bead framed would have a backdrop that really fitted with it. Of course this lead on to just doing cuts on their own and eventually looking at drawing her own templates to cut rather than relying on computer aided design.


Making Jewellery Magazine
Scarlet has written three wire work jewellery articles for Making Jewellery published by the GMC group.